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Having a complete understanding of your health means you can tailor your lifestyle accordingly and live life to the full. WomanKind Healthcare is here to help you by providing comprehensive woman focussed health checks, GP consultations on general or specific issues, screening and diagnostic testing, all to the highest standards giving confidence, comfort and peace of mind.

Well Woman Assessment – Thorough checkups pick up illnesses early. Our assessments are for women of all ages and will be carried out by our experienced female GP. They will include a detailed, comprehensive consultation ensuring key areas of general health are given time and attention that may not always be feasible from your own doctor. It will include:

  • 20min nurse consultation
  • 40min GP consultation including examination
  • Time to ask questions
  • BMI
  • Urine testing
  • Blood pressure
  • Full blood screen
  • Detailed written report
  • Explanation of results and advice of any follow up
  • Cervical smear test if necessary

Other tests including mammogram, ultrasound and bone mineral density can also be arranged.

Menopause – The menopause can be a difficult and worrying time. There is so much conflicting advice and confusing information about this time in your life, which can make you anxious and bewildered. We can help you to understand this life change. We will listen to your symptoms and concerns, provide evidenced based advice, tailored to your individual needs and support you. No myths! No fads!

Contraception – We are able to provide up to date contraceptive advice to help you find the best possible method to suit you. We can fit both intrauterine devices ( coils) and hormonal systems ( such as the Mirena) and provide emergency contraception.

Pre-Pregnancy – Thinking about having a baby? We offer a full advice and health screen to make sure you are as well as possible before conception.

GP Appointments – WomanKind Healthcare can offer GP appointments for any routine medical concern. PCOS? Abdominal or pelvic pain? Stressed? Sexual health worries? Tired all the time? Just don’t feel right?These are all areas where we can help you and give you time to ask questions and seek advice in a friendly, convenient, confidential environment.

Why Choose WomanKind Healthcare?

Dr Susan Rankine has worked in the NHS and Privately as a GP with a special interest in Women’s Health for nearly 30 years. She understands the issues and worries that can affect women and is knowledgeable in her field. She and her team are able to provide easily accessible, sensible, evidence based diagnostic tests and treatment to help you attain optimal health. We will help you to make decisions and life style choices about your health and involve you every step of the way.


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