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Dr Susan Rankine


“We want you to become healthier and happier”

Dr Susan Rankine has thirty years of experience as a general practitioner mainly working in the NHS. During this time she has taken a special interest in all aspects of women’s health and has looked after patients through every stage of their life, helping them to become healthier and happier. She understands that at certain times, women require extra support and guidance to get them through a challenging part of their lives. She uses only evidence based treatments, medicines and therapies to provide help to patients trying to cope with fatigue, stress, hormonal changes, getting fit for pregnancy or simply needing that bit of extra time and advice to help sort out health concerns in an integrated, caring way.

Susan feels that sometimes women want care tailored to their own needs that isn’t really available from their usual doctor. She is offering a full health check up, focusing on your worries and concerns – a sort of MOT- to identify any areas where treatment and advice could help. This could be help with contraception, trying for a baby or hormone replacement therapy or any other health care problem.

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