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Anna Kiff

BA Hons, Dip Ac, Clin Ac (China), MBAcC, Member of the British Acupuncture Council

“As an acupuncturist practising in London for over twenty years I am passionate about the transformative power of acupuncture to improve my patients health and wellbeing”

Anna has practiced for over 20 years and has worked both privately and in the NHS. She has contributed to three pioneering projects together with the University of Westminster: one on musculoskeletal pain, one on back pain and depression and the third on men’s mental health which was shortlisted for the prestigious BMJ Award in Primary Health Care. She fully recognises the benefits and power of using acupuncture alongside western medicine, integrating both eastern and western approaches for the greatest effect.

Anna is passionate about health and its direct link to quality of life. She will work with you for a bespoke treatment which produces especially effective results. She has lectured on Chinese medicine, supervised final year students in clinic, works in the business sector with TFL, Barnett Council, Family Mosaic, working with both groups and individuals. She teaches Qi Gong and offers personalised dietary and lifestyle advice to clients where relevant.


Treating musculo-skeletal problems with acupuncture and osteopathy in the NHS

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Treating lower back pain with acupuncture and self-care in St Charles’ Hospital

Treating men’s mental health with acupuncture and councelling in the NHS

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